Horses, because of the immense workload they experience, usually falls victim to nerve diseases and muscle impairment and that’s why they need extra attention and chiropractic care. Horses with Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSCs) exhibit many symptoms such as back pain. Horses with back pain refuse to work, and their stance often also shows signs of pain.



Horses experiencing VSCs or any other kind of pain will let you know of their suffering. Any noticeable change of behavior may be a result of VSC – like their (posture with standing, their walk, their constant weight shifting, etc). Horses performance may be diminished, they may snap their ears and tail while being saddled, they may also experience pain when being ridden. A horse that’s more disobedient and sensitive to touch than usual is also an indication of VSC so be on the lookout for any unusual activity while riding your horse.