Animal Chiropractic

For your animal to stay healthy, they need proper care of their muscles and joints. Any type of stress, may it be physical or emotional can result in defensive posture of muscle contracts, locking of spinal joints and other problems in the nervous system that, if not treated in given time, may result in pain and nerve problems for the animal. Some common symptoms that signal such problems are signs of pain and unevenness of gait, but with proper chiropractic care, the stress areas can be targeted and worked on which will result in a more flexible and a healthier pet.

Chiropractics for Horses

This animal, because of its immense workload, usually falls victims to nerve diseases and muscle impairment and that’s why extra attention is needed when dealing with horses. Horses with Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSCs) show many symptoms like back pain being the most common one of them. Horses with back pain refuse to work, and their stance also shows signs of pain.


Horses experiencing VSCs or any other kind of pain will definitely let you know of their suffering. Any noticeable change of behavior can be a result of VSC like their posture will standing, their walk, their constant weight shifting. They would also show lower performance than usual and will snap their ears and tail while being saddled, they would also experience pain when ridden so be on the lookout for any Insubordination while riding them, they will also be more disobedient and sensitive to touch than usual.

Chiropractics for Dogs

In case of dogs, it is not necessary that the dog need to old to experience back and neck problems. Chiropractics of dogs have proved to have significant change in their gait troubles and muscle pains and resulted in avoiding many surgeries thus provided longer lifespan.


When we talk about symptoms, that mostly means any behavior that may seem a result of pain for the animal, in case of dogs that refers to reluctance to move or do tricks that they performed prior of the situation, avoiding jumping and taking weird and unusual stance. Weakness and inflexibility may result in lesser performance and shortened strides. They can also signal pain by whimpering and facial expressions as well as sensitivity to touch.

Chiropractors are specialists, trained to deal with the nerves and muscles of the body and straightening them out for proper alignment and better performance. Even if your pets do not give out symptoms of pain and muscle problems, you should probably have their body checked out anyways for any future problems that may arise afterwards, that will not only save your pet the pain, but also avoid major surgeries in the future.

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