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Chiropractic & Wellness Center

At Desert Shadows Chiropractic & Wellness, we are proud to provide premier chiropractic and wellness services to both humans and animals.

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8AM – 12PM-1:30PM-6PM
8AM – 6PM
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8AM – 12PM-1:30PM – 5PM
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Experience a Better Quality of Life

At Desert Shadows Chiropractic, we are committed to providing pain relief for many symptoms and conditions so that you can have a higher quality of life.  Today, we see people everywhere looking for an alternative to traditional medicine and a way to achieve and maintain optimal health. With experienced chiropractic care, you can!


Relief, Corrective, & Wellness Chiropractic Services for People and Animals

Meet Dr. Christopher Campo, D.C.

Dr. Campo brings his down to earth personality and lifestyle into everything he does, including chiropractic. Dr. Campo focuses on achieving the best possible results for each and every patient while maintaining a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the office. His philosophy toward his patients is simple: “I treat my patients the way I would want my family to be treated at any other health care provider’s office.” He strives to help his patients be able to have fun, live well, and feel great!

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Animal Chiropractic
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Steven WardSteven Ward
14:33 21 Mar 22
This Dr is wonderful. He cares and helps when our dog is in need of a treatment.Highly recommend.
Melissa MadsenMelissa Madsen
14:02 05 Mar 22
This review is way passed due. Dr. Campo is literally a hero. He has brought my dog, who I thought was on his death bed, back to spunky energized health more than once. We have gone broke spending everything we had on surgery and medication and emergency rooms due to the VET telling us that was our only option to keep our dog. Jinx suffers from IVDD. Dr. Campo, in my opinion, cures IVDD. At least makes it more comfortable. My dog will be shaking in pain and unable to walk & just a couple visits to Animal Chiropractic, he is full of life and he feels so good youd never know what he has been through. Dr. Campo is so knowledgeable, honest, we see how much he truly cares about our dog. He tells us everything we need to do to prevent this from happening again (unlike the vet who basically tells us we are doomed)& being the only chiropractor in the valley, the value for his services are so beyond fair. Yall. If your dog suffers from IVDD, im tellin ya, stop wasting your time and money and come here. Trust him. The CBD and powders he prescribes are miracle workers too.Thank you Dr. Campo!
Susan RSusan R
20:37 02 Dec 21
Thank you Dr. Campo for helping my furry kid feel better! It was a great experience!
Michelle DucatMichelle Ducat
18:53 24 Nov 21
Went today was nervous about what to expect for my papillion but the doctor was amazing. He listened to me and was amazing with our dog. I understand when a vet is important but when they don't know what to really do this is why I came here. So grateful finally some answers. Thank you for listening and putting us at ease.
Jason AllenJason Allen
18:50 25 Sep 21
I can't say enough great things about Dr. Chris. Patient, Understanding, Knowledgeable, Fair Pricing! Kodiak, my 13 yo Siberian Husky, jumped out of the back seat of a car at the groomers. He twisted his back so badly that he literally couldn't hold himself up on his back legs. After taking him to the ER vet, they thought he might have nerve damage! A quick 20 minute visit with Dr Chris, a few adjustments, and he was walking like normal! The relief was overwhelming! Kodiak is back to himself! It's amazing how a simple adjustment cleared up all the problems, vs the normal vet who wanted to run $1000 in tests, that, come to find out, would have been inconclusive anyway.


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