Dogs may experience back and neck problems due to age, health conditions, or injury. Chiropractic care for dogs has been proven to significantly change gait troubles and muscle pains. With chiropractic care, dogs may be able to avoid taking certain medications and various surgeries. Additionally, they are likely to have a longer lifespan and better quality of life.


When we talk about symptoms that may demonstrate a need for your dog to receive chiropractic care, we are referring to any behavior that demonstrates that the animal is experiencing pain. Such symptoms may include a reluctance to move or do tricks that they performed prior to the situation, avoiding jumping, taking weird and/or unusual stances, whimpering, facial expressions, and sensitivity to touch. Weakness and inflexibility may result in lesser performance and shortened strides.

Chiropractors are specialists that are trained to deal with the nerves and muscles of the body and equipped with the knowledge and training to effectively straighten them out for proper alignment and better performance.