What to Expect From an Arizona Chiropractor During This Pandemic

For those who regularly see an arizona chiropractor, the restrictions of COVID-19 are likely affecting how you or your pets go about receiving care. Chiropractors around the state are coding with the issues of how to best serve patients and keep their social distance as well. An arizona chiropractor may cut their hours back or close the office completely. Following is some important information you need to keep in mind about COVID-19 and how it affects chiropractic care. It also addresses what patients can do if they aren’t able to see their chiropractors for a while. 


Dr. Christopher Campo, a certified Doctor of Chiropractic and trained in equine chiropractic care, reports he has reduced the number of daily patients he sees, but is still accepting new patients. The problem is that some people simply can’t put off their chiropractic visits, even during a pandemic. Dr. Campo emphasized that because the pain is so intense for some people, it’s imperative that he continue to see patients so as to reduce the strain on an already overwhelmed health care system of ERs. 

Per instructions from Chiropractic societies, chiropractors are urged to postpone or cancel appointments for maintenance or those who’ve reached a point of maximum medical improvement. However, like Dr. Campo, chiropractors as essential workers should continue to treat pain-related patients. In fact, according to the American Chiropractic Association, pain treatments for musculoskeletal issues is considered a triage sort of situation where the doctors are helping manage the cases that would otherwise to to an ER. 


For those unable to visit their chiropractor in person, don’t despair. There is still help available to you in these troubled times. First, set up a video appointment with your doctor and discuss exercises and stretches they can work with you online or over the phone. For those seeking an animal chiro, your doctor may be able to talk you through manipulations you can do yourself on the horse or dog. Chiropractic services that can be handled over the phone include range-of motion exercises, rehab services, assessing symptom and evaluation of progress and stretching techniques.