Animal Chiropractic PhoenixWhat Should Horse Owners Know About Arizona Equine Chiro?

Just as with humans, horses can experience injuries and health issues that can cause their spines to come out of their natural alignment and cause additional health concerns. With Arizona Equine Chiro, a horse’s spine can be gently placed back into its natural alignment to reduce pain and other discomforts.

Understanding the Benefits of Equine Chiropractic Care

There are many benefits to helping horses with chiropractic care. A horse’s spine can take on a lot of pressure simply with their massive weight alone. When the spinal column is not properly aligned, it can place pressure on the branching nerves and cause pain, stiff joints, and improper nerve signals being sent, negatively affecting the animal’s overall health.

When chiropractic care is coupled with veterinarian care, the two work hand-in-hand to protect the health of horses. Sometimes, a veterinarian will find it difficult to properly diagnose horses that are having mobility issues because pain is not yet involved. Often, these concerns are stemming from sub-clinical issues that can be proactively diagnosed during equine chiropractic care.

What Can Horse Owners Expect?

When a horse is undergoing a chiropractic exam, the chiropractor will first fully examine the horse in the standing position to check for any spinal issues that might be present. A spinal examination will reveal any painful areas along with those that are inflamed.

Checking the gait of the horse is a crucial element for proper diagnosis and treatment. Checking the gait of the horse involves checking for spinal and pelvic issues so they can be ruled out. The chiropractor will work through moving each joint to check for problems and will then advise the owner of whether a chiropractic manipulation of the joints will be needed or if veterinarian care is more appropriate to deal with the issue.

With Arizona Equine Chiro, a horse’s joint health can be protected so they will experience less pain and better mobility. Keeping the spine and nervous system in good health will protect the overall health of the horse and prevent painful joint disorders that can lead to further issues with mobility concerns. Call today to schedule your horse’s appointment.