Reasons To Seek Animal Chiropractic Adjustments for Your HorseHorses are beasts of burden, and their spines can easily come out of alignment. Just like with humans, horses suffering from spinal subluxations can experience severe pain and mobility issues. Spinal alignment problems can also cause health issues in horses. There are many benefits to having horses treated by a phoenix equine chiro. Being aware of these benefits is essential for horse owners.

Top Reasons for Getting a Horse Adjusted

A Phoenix Animal Chiropractic doctor can perform spinal adjustments on horses of all sizes. These adjustments work to move the vertebrae back into their normal positions so the horse’s spine is properly aligned and there is no nerve compression. The following offers insight into the top reasons why horse owners should seek an adjustment from the Arizona Animal chiro.

  • Horses that have spinal alignment issues are often difficult to diagnose by veterinarians. Sometimes, gait problems and limb discomfort can stem from vertebrae that are not properly aligned. When a Phoenix Animal Chiropractic doctor performs an assessment and spinal adjustment, they can help veterinarians determine a diagnosis and protect against further damage that can become debilitating.
  • Having a spinal adjustment can help with mood changes that may occur in a horse. When a horse suddenly starts acting outside of their normal demeanor, the primary reason could be pain. When a horse is in pain, they may not show outward signs in their gait right away, but they can begin to show behavioral changes.
  • Improved coordination and balance are also big benefits of equine adjustments from a phoenix chiro. When a horse can balance well and has healthy coordination, it is less likely to become injured in a fall.
  • The nervous system of a horse can also be greatly improved with chiropractic care. When a horse’s nervous system is not healthy, there are a host of issues that can result, including bladder control problems.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are interested in having your horse undergo Phoenix Animal Chiropractic care, it is important to schedule a consultation with the chiropractor. With a full spinal adjustment, you can rest assured your horse’s spinal health will be improved and protected.