636053153839051101-OK-CorralHorses are impressive, majestic animals that have been tuned by nature and breeding to excel at moving quickly and gracefully. The muscular and skeletal systems of horses are rugged and resilient but still susceptible to damage and lingering problems.

Many types of injuries and illnesses that afflict horses are best treated by veterinarians who have been trained to care for such animals. Arizona Equine Chiro specialists, however, often have plenty to offer as well. Whether working in tandem with or under the direction of a veterinarian or addressing a nagging injury alone, a chiropractor who understands how the bodies of horses work can easily make a difference.

Care That Goes Beyond Veterinary Medicine

Arizona Equine Chiro practitioners undergo the same general types of preparation as their peers who provide care to human beings. That means studying the discipline of chiropractic for many hours in classroom settings and undergoing plenty of supervised, hands-on training, as well.

Along the way, chiropractors who devote their professional lives to horses and other large animals gain a particular type of understanding regarding how the bodies of those creatures work. In particular, chiropractors focus on how the bones, joints, and muscles of the body coordinate to enable motion. That turns out to be an especially effective vantage point from which to diagnose and treat many problems that commonly afflict horses.

Common Signs That a Chiropractor Could be Able to Help a Horse

In most cases, it will be best to have a horse that exhibits problems treated by a veterinarian, initially. In many others, a chiropractor will be able to either contribute to the course of treatment or to take over entirely. Some of the signs that frequently suggest the services of an equine chiropractor might be helpful include:

  • An altered gait. The gaits of a horse will always reflect its physical condition, and unexplained alterations or adjustments can signal problems.
  • Obvious stiffness. When a horse suffers even a minor injury, it can lose mobility in one or more joints, and chiropractors will sometimes be able to address such problems.

With quite a few other symptoms also frequently indicating problems that chiropractors could help with, there are often times when a horse could use more than a visit from a veterinarian. Chiropractors are regularly able to help horses overcome problems that resist other types of treatment.