imagesHip dysplasia is a painful condition that can affect dogs at different stages of life. Sometimes, this condition is caused by joint abnormalities, but it can also be caused by injuries. When this condition begins to worsen, dogs may find it difficult to move and may experience pain on a daily basis. One of the most effective forms of treatment for canine hip dysplasia is Phoenix canine chiropractic.

Signs a Dog Has Hip Dysplasia

While some dogs begin to show outward signs right away, there are some dogs that remain active even though their condition is severe. The following are some signs dog owners can look for to determine if their dog may have a problem with hip dysplasia. Waiting too long to seek Phoenix canine chiropractic can worsen the condition and cause permanent damage.

  • Decreased activity is one of the hallmark signs of canine hip dysplasia. When a dog that is normally active starts being less active, this should alert the owner to have them checked by the Arizona Animal chiro to determine the cause.
  • Difficulty jumping on furniture or going up or down stairs are other signs of hip problems. If a dog is suddenly finding it difficult to jump on or off of the couch, they need to be checked to ensure their hips are in proper alignment and no issues are occurring. A full exam from a phoenix chiro will help to determine the problem and ensure it is corrected.
  • If a dog suddenly becomes lame in their hind legs, this can be caused by hip dysplasia. As the hips become unaligned, this makes it difficult or even impossible for a dog to walk normally and their hind legs will often be dragged behind them.
  • Clicking or grating sounds when a dog’s joints are moving is not normal and can be a sign of dysplasia. If these sounds are occurring, a dog owner needs to have their dog seen by the Phoenix canine chiro right away.

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If your dog is exhibiting any of the above signs, it is important you seek care for them through Phoenix canine chiropractic. A chiropractor will take care of your dog’s joint health needs and improve their mobility.