arizona-animal-chiropracticA chiropractor is a specially trained health care professional who specializes in resolving problems with the musculoskeletal system. They relieve pain by manipulating and adjusting the spinal vertebrae. Humans have benefited from their skills for over 100 years and today some Arizona practitioners also offer help to horses. When owners make an appointment with an Equine Chiropractor Arizona specialists can diagnose and resolve many painful conditions common to horses. Professionals may also work with owners, to relieve discomfort and correct riding habits.

A Practitioner Identifies Problematic Riding Habits

An animal chiropractor can help reduce a horse’s pain by addressing issues with a rider or even equipment. It is a myth that horses’ backs are designed to carry heavy loads. In fact, they must be correctly trained to balance and use muscles in unnatural ways. With proper training, their muscles strengthen and both horse and rider stay healthy. However, many owners do not fit saddles correctly and do not ride well, causing pain for their animals. By consulting an Equine Chiropractor Arizona clients can get accurate diagnoses and correct issues that contribute to discomfort.

Chiropractors Treat a Range of Conditions

Some chiropractors treat both humans and animals, so they can relieve a client’s discomfort as well as their horse’s. While owners simply report their pain, practitioners depend on symptoms and careful examinations to determine animals’ problems. Some of the many equine issues they address include obvious back or neck pain, an uneven gait, bolting, spooking, difficulty flexing, head tossing, and toe dragging. Chiropractors design custom treatments.

Holistic Treatments Are Safe

Many owners who rely on chiropractic adjustments for their own well-being schedule the same treatments for their horses. The process is holistic, which means it considers the entire person or animal and does not just focus on a condition. Practitioners do not prescribe meds or do surgery. Instead they use manual manipulation to correct misalignment that is causing discomfort. There are practices that also offer options like massage, acupuncture, therapeutic touch, or infrared therapy.

Animal chiropractic treatments are becoming popular among horse owners. Practitioners can identify and correct issues that contribute to a wide variety of painful conditions. Treatments consist of realigning areas of the musculoskeletal system, which restores normal function.