horse6It may sound strange, but animals such as horses and dogs can benefit from Quality Chiropractic Care in Scottsdale AZ. The concept of treating animals with chiropractic actually makes perfect sense. In fact, animal chiropractic is growing in popularity all across the country as people discover how much it can help the animals they care about.

Chiropractic has Many Uses for Humans and Animals

Chiropractic is focused upon treating disorders of the neuro-musculo-skeletal systems. Most people would think first of spinal manipulation, but that is only one therapeutic procedure that might be performed by a doctor of chiropractic. Back pain is the most common complaint that sends someone to an Arizona chiropractor, often after unsuccessful medical treatments and overuse of painkillers. Chiropractic is also frequently used for joint pains and headaches, although many other ailments benefit from chiropractic care.

Animal Chiropractic is More Than 100 Years Old

Chiropractic has actually been performed on large animals since the early 1900s. Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, was frequently told that his treatments didn’t really work, that it was only a placebo effect. In order to disprove such statements, he treated horses and other animals that were suffering with ailments that chiropractic would help. When the animal’s condition improved, it was conceded that the chiropractic had been successful.

Why Would Chiropractic be a Useful Treatment for Animals?

Horses and dogs might walk on four legs, but they suffer from many of the same problems as humans. They possess a spine, nerves, muscles, ligaments and bones. They become overworked or stressed or are aged. The intrinsic biology is similar. If the vertebra are not functioning properly for any reason, this affects the performance of the nerves that run from the spinal cord to muscles and organs. The animal is unable to move normally, experiencing pain and stiffness. Left untreated, their quality of life is affected. Chiropractic involves no surgery or anesthesia, so it is less stressful for patients with either two or four legs.

Desert Shadows Chiropractic and Wellness offers Quality Chiropractic Care in Scottsdale AZ for people and their four-legged companions. Dr. Christopher Campo is an experienced and down-to-earth Scottsdale Chiropractor who is dedicated to achieving the best results possible for each patient. After accumulating a vast experience treating numerous injuries, he decided to receive further training and education in animal chiropractic. Visit his website to learn more and schedule an appointment.