Workplace Posture Should Never Be Overlooked

Individuals rarely stop to think about their posture when they are at work, but should do so regularly. By simple making a few minor adjustments and changing some bad habits, anyone can help to prevent muscle strain and back pain that numerous complain of after a long day on the job. Most, however, fail to recognize that small changes can make a huge different in a short period of time. Following are some reasons why people need to sit up and take notice: workplace posture.

Workplace Posture


Lumbar lordosis is a term very few are familiar wit, yet it’s of great importance. More commonly referred to as the small of the back, it’s the area helped by chairs with lumbar support. The lumbar lordosis curves in, except in those situations where a person is slouching forward. To prevent low back pain, people need to sit upright, as this helps to maintain the curve. A chair with this type of support or a pillow can help people achieve this goal with little effort on their part.

The reason back pain develops is the muscles must work harder, even when it appears the person is inactive. The joints are put under more strain, and the same is true of the muscles and discs of the upper body. Using a chair with lumbar support or a pillow helps to reduce sore muscles and keep a person’s energy supply up.

Using lumbar support isn’t the only way a person can prevent these aches and pains, however. Never sit at a desk for an extended period of time. Be sure to get up and move around at least once an hour, as this helps to prevent cramped, sore or tight muscles. Do exercises that strengthen the core muscles of the body also, as this puts less strain on the back, and see a doctor regularly to detect any potential problems early.

Workplace posture is of great importance. Take a few moments today to pay attention to how you are sitting while on the job. You’ll likely find you are guilty of one or more of the above actions. Begin making changes today, and you’ll find you feel better in a short period of time.

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