dr-aerin-logoOne of the best reasons to take a horse to a Phoenix Animal Chiropractic appointment is that only healthy animals are able to perform at their peak. The muscles, the joints, the nerves, and the ligaments all need to be in harmony to make sure that the horse feels well enough to trot and run to their full ability. A phoenix chiro appointment can allow for peak alignment of all these things.

Another very important reason to consider taking a horse to an Arizona Animal chiro is that a horse’s spine is under constant stress. Since the horse must constantly bear the weight of the rider, it is already under pressure. When that pressure is combined with the movement of running, it can become very easy for the spine to become misaligned. If a single vertebrae is misaligned, it can have far reaching repercussions for the whole body.

One reason that many people take their horse for a Phoenix Animal Chiropractic treatment — and for follow up treatments as well — is that the horse actually enjoys the treatment. Horses tend to love the one on one chiropractic care. After all, they enjoy being scratched and rubbed. In many ways, chiropractic feels much like a good massage, and horses are able to appreciate that just as much as people are.

A horse that gets regular phoenix equine chiro will be far healthier overall. Many horse owners view Phoenix Animal Chiropractic as a very good preventative measure against long term illness. A horse that gets regular chiropractic adjustments will be overall healthier and happier than a horse that never receives any adjustments. Chiropractic care can also be a good way to avoid having to use medication. Medication may be an effective way to kill pain and discomfort, but it only works for the short term. Most pain medications for animals only work for six to eight hours at a time. Once they wear off, the animal is left with the same pain that they had before. Chiropractic adjustments will focus on the source of the pain. The goal is correcting that source issue so that the horse won’t continue to suffer long term.