Arizona Animal ChiropracticPet owners are often shocked to learn that certain individuals work as animal chiropractors. They wonder how they would know if their animal needs an adjustment. While this industry has been around for decades now, it wasn’t until the late 1980s that a program was created to train individuals in this field. Chiropractors and veterinarians may now be certified as an animal chiropractor after receiving specific training and, as of today, more than 600 individuals can now state they are AVCA certified animal chiropractors. Most people obtain this certification through the ACCC or Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission, a division of the AVCA or American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Individuals looking for this type of care for their animal need look no further than Phoenix Animal Chiro.

When Does an Animal Need an Adjustment?

People often want to know what signs to look for to bring their animal to Phoenix Animal Chiro. However, many individuals don’t wait until they are experiencing symptoms to visit a chiropractor, so why should an animal? Any pet benefits from treatment of this type and waiting until they are suffering is never a wise move. It’s important to care for the pet’s spine as the owner does for other parts of his or her body. Don’t wait until the animal is unable to walk or carry out daily activities to make an appointment. Always be proactive as this will not only help to improve the pet’s quality of life, but will also keep medical costs down.

What Owners Should Look For

Any time a pet appears to not be him or herself, it’s time to visit a doctor. Nobody knows the pet more than the owner, thus his or her observations are of most importance. If the animal is moving slower than usual, not eating properly or has changed his or her behavior in another way, set up an appointment with Phoenix Animal Chiro. The team will work to find out what is ailing the animal and develop a treatment plan based on this information.

Although Animal Chiro in Phoenix isn’t mandatory, owners love their pets and wish to ensure they are happy and healthy. Animal chiropractors can be of help in ensuring they are. Make an appointment today for a cat, dog, horse or other animal. All benefit from this type of care.