Just like humans, animals can begin to experience subluxations that cause their joArizona Animal Chiropracticints to come out of alignment. When the bones of the spine are not properly aligned, an animal can begin to experience pain due to nerve compression. This can also cause them to have mobility issues. Even if a pet is not experiencing pain, stiffness, and mobility issues, chiropractic care can be beneficial in keeping them healthy. With this information, pet owners will know what to expect from their first visit with Arizona animal chiropractic.

When a pet is brought into the Arizona animal chiropractic clinic, the chiropractor will first talk with the owner about any health conditions their pet has and any symptoms they might be experiencing. It is imperative a pet owner is careful to inform the doctor of any signs of pain or mobility concerns their pet might be exhibiting so they can be sure the doctor can check these areas.

A chiropractic adjustment uses gentle movements to help move the bones of the spine back into their normal locations. If a pet seems overly nervous, the owner can help facilitate the treatment by offering comfort and reassurance. The adjustment should not be painful for a pet and the doctor will be careful to keep the pet calm and comfortable at all times during the treatment. As a part of the adjustment, massage will be used to help the pet relax.

Many pet owners are now learning about the benefits of having their pets treateArizona Animal Chiropracticd by the animal chiropractic phoenix. This treatment is especially beneficial for pets that are aged and are finding it difficult to move. The treatments helps pets who have developed arthritis and other painful conditions and helps them to stay active.

After a treatment, it is normal for a pet to feel very relaxed. They may go home and take a long nap which is an important part of the healing process. With Arizona animal chiro, pets can be kept healthy and strong and their pain issues can be kept at bay. Call the office for Arizona animal chiropractic if you would like to schedule a consultation appointment for your pet.