Water Ski Injury Treatments Phoenix

Spring is upon us and we know the water sports are now in season.

Be sure to visit us at Desert Shadows Chiropractic for water sports injury therapy and treatment. Here are some common examples of water ski injury that can’t be treated via chiropractic services to be careful of and some helpful treatment solutions in case of.

Water skiing is one of the best sports there is. Aside that is fun it is also challenging; however, the pressure the body is against sometimes incur injuries. Here are the most common water ski injuries and how to treat them:

Shoulder Injury

Whenever a water skier is about to tumble, his body picks up the danger and prepares itself for protection. Naturally, the arms will move forward in order to absorb the impact and this causes injuries in the shoulders, particularly, dislocation.

The best way to cure a dislocated joint is to visit a therapist but here is the first aid for such impairment:

Do not move the arm. Place a rolled towel or blanket between the arm and the chest and then wrap the person’s upper body in a towel to immobilize him. To control the swelling, place an ice pack on the affected area for 20 minutes up to 4-8 times a day and then bring the person to the emergency room.

Ankle sprain

This happens because the feet are engaged against the board and go against the pressure brought by the water and its impact upon landing. This force either tears or stretches the ligaments forcing them to tilt inwards. It is important that this gets treated soon for it not to produce long term problems.  When this happens do the following:

Ice and Compression

Wrap ice in a thin cloth and apply on the affected area to prevent swelling and remember never to place the ice straight onto the skin. This is the same effect when you use compression to help stop the swelling through ankle immobilization. What is important is the ankle stays at rest because this will help to heal the ligaments faster.  In order to prevent too much movement, it is also advised to use ankle braces.

Crutches and Braces

For the ligaments to heal faster, it must be ensured not to place pressure on the feet. This may be prevented by using crutches if needed.  What is important is the ankle stays at rest.  In order to prevent too much movement, it is also advised to use ankle braces. It Is also encouraged to pop up the sprained ankle as needed.


Since most water skiers wear wet suit, it is likely that their body is mostly covered but sometimes they still get cuts on the face. The treatment depends on the severity of the cuts. What should be done for simple ones is to clean it using soap and water and disinfect using antibacterial creams and then cover it with sterile bandage.

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Water Ski Injury Treatments Phoenix