dogchiro3Hip dysplasia is a problem that affects many dogs, and it can be a life-altering condition. Especially for particular breeds of dogs, hip dysplasia sometimes comes with the genetic territory and cannot possibly be avoided in individual cases. While hip dysplasia itself is irreversible once it sets in, Phoenix canine chiropractic experts can help dogs live richer, fuller lives by lessening the severity of the associated symptoms.

The Basics of Hip Dysplasia

Just as with human beings, dogs’ leg bones are seated in sockets that allow them to move freely. While a dog’s body can endure some remarkable stresses over the years, the hip sockets of some dogs are prone to excessive wear. As an affected dog ages, a condition known as hip dysplasia might result, with the sockets degenerating to the point that normal, comfortable function is no longer possible. Dogs affected by hip dysplasia will typically experience significant discomfort and reduced mobility, symptoms that will generally worsen over time.

How Chiropractic Can Help

One of the most striking things about hip dysplasia is how it can affect the longtime habits of dogs that suffer from it. In order to avoid the pain associated with the condition, dogs will adopt new ways of moving around, and these adjustments often produce side effects of their own. By helping to keep a dog’s body in prime shape beyond the degenerated sockets, a Phoenix canine chiropractic specialist can greatly improve overall quality of life.

Phoenix canine chiro specialists apply the same principles that are used to treat human beings. In fact, Phoenix canine chiropractic training draws from the same body of knowledge that has guided practitioners of human-based chiropractic for well over a century.

Just as with the sessions that many people are familiar with, phoenix chiro experts who treat dogs will strive to restore the proper alignment of the animal’s skeletal system, seeking to reverse damage that might have been done by a pet’s reaction to the stresses of hip dysplasia. Arizona Animal chiro clinics have a strong collective record of delivering relief that makes a difference for dogs and those who love them, allowing for greater enjoyment of life in the presence of an unfortunate condition.