Desert Shadows Chiropractic ScottsdaleIndividuals who spend the majority of their time sitting often find they experience pain in their neck, shoulders or back. Most people assume that pain comes as the result of rigorous activity, yet this isn’t the case. Sitting for any length of time can bring about chronic pain and it also limits the person’s range of motion. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. Following are three ways that many people sit that are likely to cause pain over time and how to avoid them.

People who sit behind a desk all day without getting up to move around are setting themselves up for pain. When a person stays in the same position for an extended period of time, their muscles tend to become stiff, their circulation slows and they find they lack energy. It’s best to get up and move around once an hour, as this helps to keep a person alert and provide muscles wish some much needed movement. Most people assume they are okay because they don’t notice these issues until they stand up, but they are developing as the person sits.

Try not to hunch over when sitting. People tend to do so when using electronics and lose track of time. Text neck is a term for the continuous tilting of the head downward when on a device, and this posture can lead to a person experiencing pain in numerous locations. This pain can extend beyond the neck to the head, shoulders and jaw, thus watch posture at all times.

Many individuals don’t have the proper chair for their needs either. The right chair sits at a height where the person can type without bending their forearms either up or down. If it isn’t at this height, the user may experience wrist pain or pain that shoots up the arms to the shoulder blades. A sore neck is a potential issue if the chair is too high or too low also. Make sure the seat provides lumbar support as well, because this helps to prevent slumping or slouching, two postures which can lead to hip and middle back pain.

These are 3 Terrible Ways to sit that many people are guilty of. If you are in need of Back pain treatment arizona, be prepared for the doctor to ask about certain behaviors you engage in. They may identify the root cause of the problem and likely solutions.