desert shadows chiropracticThe Lumbar Spine as Explained by a Scottsdale Chiropractor

The back is broken down into three parts, with the lowest area being referred to as the lumbar spine. Five vertebrae make up this portion of the spine, which is located in the hips and lower abdomen. The lumbar region supports the weight of the torso while providing the hips and legs the ability to move and flex. Furthermore, these vertebrae protect the base of the spinal cord so the cord can carry out normal tasks without any interference. A Scottsdale Chiropractor can be of great help in treating conditions of the spine to ensure problems do not arise.

Misalignment of the Lumbar Spine

When the lumbar spine is misaligned, the entire body can be thrown off. While the spine is important for stability, movement, and a person’s posture, it must ensure messages can be transmitted throughout the body. If these messages are disrupted, the organs cannot function properly and the ability of the body to heal itself is minimized. This is known as a subluxation.

What Leads to a Subluxation

Numerous things can bring about a misalignment of the spine. Often, a person notices a problem with the spine after they have been in some type of accident. A person’s daily habits can bring about a subluxation or it may be the result of poor nutrition. Stress has been known to cause problems with the spine along with other parts of the body, and chemicals and toxins can be very harmful to the lumbar region, bringing about a misalignment of the area.

Why a Subluxation Needs to Be Corrected

A misalignment puts pressure on the nerves located in the lumbar region, which leads to a breakdown in the sending and receiving of messages in the nervous system. People often discover they are having problems yet fail to associate these issues with their spine. However, each vertebra in the body is linked to other internal systems. For instance, cold feet may be a sign the spine is misaligned. For this reason, a Scottsdale Chiropractor should be seen to determine what the issue is and how best to correct it.

Hernias, sexual dysfunction, and migraines have all been linked to misalignments of the spine. The same is true of many other common disorders. If your health is lacking in any way, make an appointment with a chiropractor. You may find he or she can have you feeling better in very little time.