Reasons To Seek Animal Chiropractic Adjustments for Your HorseVeterinary chiropractic is a practice closely resembling the spinal manipulation therapy performed on humans. It is a rapidly growing service, wherein an Arizona Animal chiro practitioner, treats horses, dogs, and cats. It is important to understand that a Veterinarian’s schooling does not include chiropractic manipulation nor does a chiropractor’s schooling include animal patients. Legally, practicing on animals is exclusive to veterinarians only and very few individuals have both degrees.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) categorizes chiropractic, as well as acupuncture and physical therapy, as complementary and alternative treatments. In addition, most states require that an animal chiropractor, work under the auspices of a veterinarian or by referral only. Before beginning treatment, a Phoenix Animal Chiropractic will evaluate the animal’s movement, posture at rest, and its extremities and vertebrae.

Animal chiropractic manipulation is quite popular among many horse owners. The following are some primary reasons for using a phoenix chiro to work on your horse.

Superior Performance – If your equine is having difficulty progressing to the next level in its training it may be due to an underlying physical issue inhibiting the horse from achieving the desired skill level. Phoenix Animal Chiropractic focuses on neuro-musculo-skeletal system as anything that affects that system has consequences on the entire body. If the vertebra of the spine become dysfunctional it can impact the nerves as well as the muscles. If this happens, a horse may experience tension, pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility, which affects its performance and well-being.
Allows for a Closer Relationship – Every emotion a rider feels is transmitted through the reins and their seat directly to the horse. This connection can quickly erode if the horse is not able to comply with its rider’s commands without experience discomfort or pain. The rider might possibly misinterpret the horse’s noncompliance as disobedience and correct the horse unjustly leading to further erosion of the connection.
Cost-Effective Care – Horse owners provide routine care for their horses such as floating their teeth, trimming and shoeing, and regular veterinary care. Phoenix Animal Chiropractic is affordable especially if it eliminates the need for pain medication or injections.
Any horse owner can tell you instantly if their horse is relaxed and happy. Scratch them in just the right spot and watch the ears relax, the eyes glaze over, and the lower lip sag. These are the same reactions seen in horses after a phoenix equine chiro session.