Hip Dysplasia Help for Your DogNo animal owner wants to hear that their beloved pet has hip dysplasia. Though, there are many breeds that are prone to it. It’s a degenerative disease that makes life difficult and painful for your pet. This condition can seriously impact a dog’s quality of life. Phoenix canine chiropractic may be able to help ease your dog’s discomfort and allow him or her to live a better life.

When a dog has this condition the animals hip sockets are impacted. These sockets deteriorate over time. The result is pain that gets progressively worse for the canine, eventually lameness results from this disease. Phoenix canine chiro sees dogs with this every day and they work hard to help these animals.

The way that Phoenix canine chiropractic helps these dogs is by realigning and adjusting their bodies. This is necessary because when a dog develops hip dysplasia the pain in the hips cause the dog to move in ways that are not natural for them, the result is pain in other areas of the body. At phoenix chiro we understand that the animal’s shoulders, legs, and other body areas become quite painful do these unnatural patterns of movement.

While there is no way for chiropractors to help the actual hip dysplasia, adjusting these other areas helps the dog’s pain immensely, which in turn helps the dog live a better life. Usually after being adjusted by Phoexic canine chiropractic a dog will have better functionality as they walk, climb and run.

Treating these secondary issues that come along with hip dysplasia allows the animal greater movement. It is normal for dogs with this condition to guard the area that hurts which is what leads to back, leg, and shoulder pains. When Arizona Animal chiro adjusts the back, lets, and shoulders, the dog feels more freedom. Unlike people, dogs don’t understand that they are only making thier condition worse by guarding, therefore it’s up to their owners to find the best course of treatment for them. Chiropractic care has shown many wonderful results on these dogs. It’s definitely something worth looking into for any dog diagnosed with hip dysplasia.