gFun Facts About Chiropractic Care

Are you in need of medical care? Consider a Phoenix Chiropractor. Following are some of the many reasons why doing so is wise.

The Origin of the Word

Cheir is the Grecian word for hand and praktos is the term for done. This translates to ‘done by hand’, which is exactly how a chiropractor makes corrections to the body.


To become a Doctor of Chiropractic or DC a person must spend at least 4,200 hours in a classroom, labs and clinical internships over a four-year period, the equivalent of 175 days without interruption.

Treatment Statistics

More than 35 million Americans visit a chiropractor every year, and roughly 95,000 individuals serve as chiropractors across the globe. Furthermore, around 10,000 individuals are studying to obtain a doctorate in this field today in the United States. Even infants may be safely treated using this type of care, and more than one million adjustments take place every day worldwide.

A History of Chiropractic Care

It was in 1895 when the first adjustment was completed by a chiropractor. A gentleman by the name of Daniel David Palmer performed this adjustment on Harvey Lillard, a janitor. Mr. Lillard found his hearing was restored following this treatment, a sense he lost 17 years prior following an accident.

Athletes Love It

Chiropractors are very common in many sports. In fact, every team in the National Football League now employs a doctor of this type. The doctor helps the players improve their performance, treats any strains and injuries to the musculoskeletal system, and works with players to ensure they remain healthy.

Cost Savings

Patients find they can save money by turning to a chiropractor. Low back pain remains a problem in the country. When chiropractic care is chosen over other treatment options, a person finds they may save up to 20 percent.


Chiropractors operate in all 50 states in America. Furthermore, this type of licensed doctor may be found in 40 countries across the globe. This goes to show the popularity of this type of treatment.

Less Invasive

Workers injured on the job significantly reduce the need for spinal surgery when they visit a chiropractor. In fact, a surgeon is 28 times more likely to recommend surgery than a chiropractor.

Make an appointment with a Phoenix Chiropractor today. These are only a few of the benefits of doing so. There are numerous others also.