Some of the Benefits an Equine Chiropractor in Phoenix Provides for You and Your Equine Friend

Many people have no idea that a horse’s back was never meant to carry a load. When horses carry a rider or baggage they must engage their muscles and balance in a way that is unnatural for them. In a perfect world, horses are trained in ways that strengthen and build their muscles to carry loads appropriately. At the same time, the rider must balance their self in the saddle in a way that helps the horse maintain this balance. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is not the case. In addition, normal wear and tear occurring in daily activities can result in muscle imbalance and spinal misalignment’s requiring the services of an equine chiropractor phoenix.

Equine Chiropractor in PhoenixThese conditions are significant, because a horse that is not properly balanced or has a spine out of alignment, can experience severe pain. Just like a human who has a “bad back”, the pain can be excruciating, and add to that being asked to perform by carrying a rider, one can just imagine how that must feel. When experiencing this kind of discomfort, a horse will often express its pain through unwanted behaviors. Lameness, as well, is often attributed to spinal misalignment’s and can be treated by an equine chiropractor phoenix.

The equine chiropractor phoenix uses a type of manual therapy that is applied to a specific anatomical region. These adjustments induce a therapeutic response via changes in muscle function, joint structures, and neurological reflexes. Chiropractic treatment is used in conjunction with traditional medical treatment, not in place of, and provides an added means of diagnosing and treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and spinal disorders.

Some of the signs pain that may be expressed by a horse in need of the services of an equine chiropractor phoenix include abnormal posture, nipping or pinning of the ears when being saddled, acting out when being ridden, refusing to jump, difficulties changing gaits, overall behavioral changes, and sensitivity to being touched or groomed. An equine chiropractic professional can recognize and treat many back problems experienced by horses.

Equine chiropractic performed by an equine chiropractor phoenix is a facet of equine care that concentrates on the relationship between structure (spine) and function (nervous system coordination) and how that relationship impacts overall health. Chiropractors use manual manipulation to bring back these skeletal structures into proper alignment and often employ tissue manipulation and massage to complement chiropractic treatment methods.

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