Many people are unaware that arizona canine chiropractic offers many benefits for dogs. Certain health conditions may actually see greater overall improvement with this type of holistic approach. A holistic approach takes into consideration the body as a whole, not just one specific part. Chiropractic treatments help both the nervous and skeletal systems to be properly aligned for overall wellness. As a dog’s muscles and joints regain flexibility, his activity level will increase. A dog’s quality of life can be greatly improved when arizona canine chiropractic treatments are incorporated into the veterinary care plan.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

When an animal’s movements stiffen or become limited, canine chiro phoenix can increase mobility. Just like in humans, restricted movement in the spine, joints and extremities can cause pain and limit activity. Chiropractic manipulations of these areas can restore function and alleviate pain. This can be especially useful for sprains, arthritis and other conditions that aren’t helped by traditional veterinary methods.

Symptoms To Look For

Pain is a key reason that chiropractic treatments are used. A dog will usually exhibit behavioral changes to signal that he is in pain. This can include difficulty when moving about, avoidance of stairs, no longer jumping, whimpering when touched, changes in bladder and bowel control, sitting or laying down in abnormal positions and avoidance of activities that were once enjoyed. Since the nervous system and skeletal system work in coordination with each other, anything that is out of sync can trigger pain. An evaluation by a veterinarian can determine if arizona canine chiropractic can be a beneficial part of a treatment plan to get the pain under control.

How Canine Chiropractic Works

Healthy joints and a strong spine are necessary for a dog to move about and participate in activities. When an injury, illness or age affects these areas, it can cause pain. Chiropractic for canines uses manipulations and manual therapy to reduce inflammation and restore function. Following a treatment, nerves that had been restricted will be able to resume normal activity, while the muscles and joints will operate more efficiently. After an arizona canine chiropractic treatment has been completed, a dog may show improvement and then relapse. This is normal. Additional treatments will keep the relapses to a minimum, or reduce them altogether. Depending on the severity of the problem, the number of treatments required can vary.