Contact a Scottsdale Chiropractic Clinic to Learn More About Treatment Options for DogsHumans often complain of aches and pains as they age, yet never stop to think their beloved pets may be experiencing similar discomforts. When a problem is noticed with their dog, they head off to the vet to help the animal obtain relief from the pain. What many animal owners don’t realize, however, is dogs often benefit from Scottsdale Chiropractic care just as humans do. In fact, Organic Pet Digest reports 80 percent of dogs obtain instant relief when they undergo this type of therapy. Although this treatment typically isn’t the first that comes to mind when a dog begins having issues, it is one that should never be overlooked.

Signs Of A Spinal Issue

  • Dry eyes that persist over time
  • Sudden movements result in a yelp of pain, yet no other symptoms are present in the dog
  • Hunching of the back
  • Biting or yelping when the dog is picked up in their chest region
  • Weak front legs with no discernible cause
  • The animal is no longer able to jump
  • Difficulty when laying down or standing up
  • Hind leg hip pain with no arthritis
  • Back muscle spasms

Each dog presents differently, thus any new symptom or unusual behavior should be questioned and treatment sought.

The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic services in Scottsdale Arizona focus on the total animal, just as they do with humans. The emotional, physical and mental well-being of the animal are taken into account during the treatment process and, when pain is removed or decreased, the animal’s entire body responds in a positive manner. The Scottsdale Chiropractor helps to repair the dog’s muscles, as this helps the joints to move as nature intended. Healthy muscles are free of weakness, degeneration, discomfort, spasms and knots. All are frequently seen in dogs as they age, and chiropractic care can rectify these issues.

Furthermore, the nervous system may be impacted when the spine is not properly aligned. The misalignment of the spine can lead to disruptions in communication between the brain and the different parts of the body. A pinched nerve may be responsible for the disruption or there may be a blockage that must be treated. Any kind of disruption can lead to impairment, thus the dog cannot function optimally. The chiropractor works to correct these issues to ensure the dog has the highest quality of life.

Is It Safe?

Dogs cannot speak, thus they cannot tell their owners when they are in pain or are experiencing any level of discomfort. For this reason, many pet owners wonder if the dog will feel any pain during chiropractic treatment. Although the dog may feel slight discomfort as the spine is realigned, this discomfort is minimal and lasts for a very brief period of time. In fact, many owners report their dog actually seems to enjoy these treatments.

Don’t assume the vet is the only professional who can be of assistance to furry friends. The chiropractor offers an alternative option that is all natural and easy on the dog’s body. Contact a chiropractor today to learn more about this treatment option. It may be exactly what the dog in your life needs to have a better quality of life.